Covering the Communities of:
Little Dawley, Horsehay, Doseley, Lightmoor
 and Aqueduct (Including parts of Lawley)


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Dawley Hamlets Parish Council

Chairman - Cllr. Andy Burford
Vice Chairman - Cllr. Jane Pinter

Clerk - Kathy Ewence

Parish Council
elections will be held on the 2nd May, all the information you need to register to vote and stand for election is available on the T&WC website

The Parish Council's Web Log (Blog) can be accessed here:

Welcome to the web site of Dawley Hamlets Parish Council. The parish lies within the boundaries of Telford and has an electorate of (approx.) 5345 (2331 Dawley Hamlets Ward and 3014 Aqueduct Ward). There are an estimated 3426 properties within the parish.

Parish Map

The Council holds it's Meetings (usually) on the third Wednesday of the month, with the exception of August and December. Meetings, unless otherwise notified, are held at Horsehay Village Hall, Bridge Road, Horsehay.

The Audit has concluded and the Annual Governance & Accounting Statement (AGAR) has been published for the year ended 31st March 2018 and can be viewed here: 2017-18-audit

Planning Explained

England’s planning system shapes new development and the use of land all over the country with the aim of achieving outcomes that are positive for people, the economy and the environment. This guide will help you to get involved in the development of your Local Plan - a key component of the planning system which will be the main influence on how your area changes in the future.

To download a copy of this booklet directly from the website of the CPRE click here.


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